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Ehdis - 4 Pin Relay - 12v 40AMP - # JD2912-1H-12VDC

Ehdis - 4 Pin Relay - 12v 40AMP - # JD2912-1H-12VDC

New, No Package
Ehdis - 4 Pin Relay - 12v 40AMP - # JD2912-1H-12VDC - SwitchBox / Federal Signal
For Use in Automotive Application
Works as replacement for 40AMP Relay in Switchboxes:
Federal Signal, Sho-Me , and others
Product Specs:
Contact Material: AgSnO12
Contact Form: 1Z(C) / 1H(A)
Contact Ratings: No: 40A 72VDC
Contact Resistance: 100mMax at 6VDC 1A
Max switching Current: 40A
Max Switching Power: 560W
Life Expectancy Electrical: 100,000 Operations (at 30 Operations/min)
Life Expectancy Mechanical: 10,000,000 Operations

Coil Specification:
Nominal Voltage(VDC): 12V
Coil Resistance (1.8W): 80
Max Operate Voltage (VDC): 6.5~8.0
Mix Release (VDC): 1.2~3.6
Max Applicable Voltage (VDC): 14

Temperature Range: -30°C ~+80°C
Vibration Resistance: 10~55Hz, 1.5mm
Shock Resistance:
Operations Extremes: 10g
Damage Limits: 100g
Humidity: 40%~85%
Insulation Resistance: 100m ohm Min at 500VDC
Safety Standard: CCEE
Dielectric Strength Between Open Contacts: 500VAC (for one minute/sec)
Between Contact and coil: 750VAC (for one minute/sec)
Operate Time: 7ms
Release Time: 5ms
Weigh: Approx. 35g

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