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Whelen TIR3 Super LED Light Module # RSB03ZCR (Blue)

Whelen TIR3 Super LED Light Module # RSB03ZCR (Blue)


New Condition, Includes Gasket, Black Bezel


 BLUE TIR3 Series # RSB03ZCR from Whelen is a tiny Super-LED module. This encapsulated, low current TIR 3 LED can be mounted anywhere on your vehicle, shrugging off moisture and road vibration. This LED is perfect for mounting in the grille, on side mirrors, on bumpers, over steps, on motorcycle boxes and fairing, on ATV’s, forklifts and material-handling vehicles ... Wherever high intensity, wide angle warning is required. Whelen TIR3 is for directional lighting, suitable for vertical and horizontal mounting. Measuring only 3-1/2” wide x 1-1/8” high x 1-1/4” the TIR 3 use generation III LED’s and oversized reflectors to fill the entire lighthead.

The TIR3 has a “scanlock” flash pattern wire to change between 10 different flash patterns. This four wire TIR3 allows for synchronization for simultaneous or alternating patterns. All TIR3's come with clear outer lenses and colored LED's. NO FLASHER OR POWER SUPPLY NEEDED!


Gen III LED's, Very low amperage draw - 390mA, Fully encapsulated, Flange/Front Mount, "ScanLock"

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